FINALLY, i am done from my exams and having a 4-high-qulity months of vacation XD soooo, it is Wednesday, have i said that before, but the animation that i was working on has finished and was aired, yes today was the first episode and they just done from airing it, LOST IN THE RAIN, is an commercially built 3D-animation to announce the new line production of the TOSHIBA cell-phones… although the rating wasn’t that high ((6.8%)) but i wasn’t expecting that rating at all XD the animation is about 5 episodes will be run from today until next Monday, and in Tuesday they will run a 3 hours special for all the episodes… as few if you may know, the Ending Theme song for the animation is the song ” You Saved My Life ” for Veronica Ros, which is ready now to release her new single next Wednesday… our blog ” One Single Tear ” will have the single reviewed and ready by the releasing date… people who are interested in LOST IN THE RAIN you may catch it on TOKYO TV not sure if any ” animation-teams ” would find it interesting and release it in torrent XD i would like to see that XD


2 Responses to LOST IN THE RAIN + MORE

  1. VnikkiR says:

    I hope someone releases it in torrent… I REALLY WANNA SEE IT!!!



  2. Lovely post!

    …Have sweet dreams (^_^)

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