Sincerely Compaign Part 1

~ lost in the rain, the hit that made the single HOT ~
yesterday ” LOST IN THE RAIN ” marked rating of 8.9% on its final and last episode…
the episode had that special moment where the heroine tried to help her boyfriend by sacrificing herself
the scene was played along Veronica’s hit song ” Fake Smile ” which turned out so ” emotional ” with that song
Tokyo TV had made their own CM for the Anime using the same song feedback for the ” all-episode-long ” airing for tonight
i am
REALLY happy that my animation had that acceptance, and i am really happy for veronica’s first public show off

~ DoCoMo Network Results ~
the results for DoCoMo download from the period 24/6 12:00 AM till 25/6 12:AM JST has just came out
i didn’t expect that but here is the results:

Full Single:
#23 Sincerely – Veronica Ros

Single Songs:
#7 My Eyes Never Lie
#9 Fake Smile

#12 You Saved My Life

#18 My Eyes Never Lie

wow, although we didn’t use My Eyes Never Lie in any tie ins, but seems the japanese public liked it, lol they are always attracted to the ” popy happy songs ” lol

~ Sincerely Hard Copies ARE OUT ~
yes, for people who lives in Japan try to catch any Tower Records in the main cities or get to the one in Shibuya which is the one has the majority number of copies ask about ” Peronika Rosu ” and he will lead it up to you, something i didn’t know about is that when you buy the single a poster for the characters of ” LOST IN THE RAIN ” comes with it ” Rin and Eva “..
reports of oricon haven’t been out but as some connection made by Yuri, we are hitting the mark of 200 in the first day, 500 for the week ?!!

~ Piano Single, go to the next level ~
” as i like this single i wish i can hear Veronica sing a song like “ i kissed a girl ” by ” Katy Perry ” “… that was an announcement by the single producer Yuri, he wants or plans to get Veronica
to the next level with a Rock single instead of solo piano… what else ?!!!

that’s all what i have for today tomorrow is another break news about the single + the offical review in One SIngle Tear


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