~ Where is Karimu O_O ~

the boy disappeared suddenly, his Last.fm was deleted as well
i can’t track him anywhere, not answering his mobile SMSes
and not even answering via E-mail, i am getting worried
i hope if you read that Karimu answer as soon as you can, i am so worried T_T
One Single Tear plans will put on hold until Karimu pop up again T_T


4 Responses to ~ Where is Karimu O_O ~

  1. jefry says:

    i hope he’s ok.

  2. glassmask says:

    ^^;;; I was ready to review the singles and waiting for his review..and I was like..hmmm why he is not posting up?…

    I hope he is alright

  3. g_hunter says:

    i think he’s dead or something. plz put the single we’ve been waiting for ages!!

  4. aizmov says:

    man be patient, i will review the single and post in the few upcoming hours ^_^
    for we wish we had Karimu around, his opinion will be supreme
    i will try to be fair lol =)

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