~ Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION Covers ~

CD only:



01.Do Me More
02.Wishing On The Same Star
03.shine more
04.Put ‘Em Up
10.White Light
12.Baby Don’t Cry
17.Sexy Girl

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25 Responses to ~ Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION Covers ~

  1. Anonymous says:

    so beautiful!!! so the covers won’t have any text on them. they could look ever better if they had some really nice words on them.

  2. aizmov says:

    it has but this is a non-tag version lolz

  3. glassmask says:

    ..what a beautiful lady.. i would go lesbian for her..

    JK JK~

    they should add the b-side single “come”, its such a beautiful song..even better than the a-side “so crazy”.

    will the single sell over million?,,

  4. aizmov says:

    the album will sell alot i am sure, but will it reach 1 million i don’t know

  5. aizmov says:

    now the covers with tags ^_^

  6. confused.. says:

    she looks veri plastic..
    nt sure whether i shd like or hate this pic..

  7. aizmov says:

    it is not plastic it was airbrushed by photoshop
    that technique gives the picture the ” art ” feeling
    the album is called ” BEST FICTION ” so they tried to make the album cover matches the name
    i found that so brilliant

  8. glassmask says:

    OMG I just think she looks like a doll with those PS, in a nice way! Namie is very very pretty indeed…like the prettiest singer in jpop..<3

    I don’t know why they put 60s70s80s in the album..i don’t think they match the other singles..those singles seems to be the era when Namie tried many styles and blah blah blah…find her own style~but i guess many ppl want 60s70s80s in the album..
    oh well…duno if it will sell million, japanese music sales are decline..but there are some million selling best albums this year..

  9. confused.. says:

    i get wat u mean.. but.. i still prefer CD+DVD..
    her hair in that pic reminds me a little on mirrorcle world’s hair..

  10. Orenji says:

    Great covers! I just love the CD only one…

  11. jefry says:

    her face looks so photoshoped in the covers.
    i prefer natural namie, but i’ll still buy BEST FICTION.

    i love SO CRAZY and i can’t wait to hear sexy girl.
    umm, i million copies… not happening.
    i predict 500,000-800,000 copies. (is it a little too much)
    OMG. it will sell triple times (or possibly more)more than BoA’s THE FACE!

    actually i don’t know. “greatest hits” albums tend to sell really well in japan. BoA’s Best of Soul sold more than 1 million copies.
    i mean, utada’s heart station has sold more than 956,633 copies and it’s still charting.

  12. jefry says:

    OMG! both do me more and sexy girl have leaked.

  13. Aizmov says:


  14. glasmask says:

    karimu still missing?

    ..utada really sells good…almost million in this download era…did Heart Station over sell Ultra Blue?..a little bit? her sales are getting better?

  15. Sherlyn says:

    i love the 2 new songs,
    especially do me more,
    and im such a big fan,
    Namie has gone so far these past 2 yrs =]
    yay Namie and Namie is #1

  16. aizmov says:

    Sexy Girl grew into me
    but i still hate Do Me More lol

  17. gorgeouslogy says:

    ohmiGod!!! she’s the most gorgeous singer that japan has.,

  18. Alele says:

    people if she looks plastic and over photoshoped it’s for a reason, finally the intention is to give it a surreal look to it, the name of the album is “best FICTION” probably fiction rings a bell? it’s obvious it’s intentional cause even the ring and hair and clothes are brushed!

  19. jefry says:

    is it true that namie’s BEST FICTION has sold 681,187 copies in its first week. that’s A LOT!!!

  20. glassmask says:

    …she got the highest selling for 1st week in 2008..dont know if ayu’s best album will beat that…

    this year is avex’s best album year..

  21. jefry says:

    haha. i don’t think ayumi can beat namie because she’s just released A BEST 2 last year.

    and most of the songs in her best album can be found in A BEST 2.

  22. noslen says:

    so beautiful
    the best

  23. christine says:

    she look so gorgeous n sing well

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