Finally Finally a new stuff for BoA after her VIVID single released six months ago
and this time it is not a Japanese nor Korean song, it is a complete ENGLISH song
yes, BoA is moving on to the U.S. Market with an album with the title ” LOOK WHO IS TALKING
and the lead song which has an aggressive dance vibe and 2 Music Videos called ” Eat You Up
BoA will start her U.S. Album promotion on 9/10 and her first Digital Single ” Eat You Up “ will be released on 30/10 and both music videos will be aired on 11/11
both clips and clips rips can be downloaded here:

Video Clips Teasers:
Version A
Version B

MP3 Rips:
Version A
Version B


19 Responses to BoA’s US Album ” LOOK WHO IS TALKING “

  1. confused.. says:

    hmmm. lets hope that she will have a more commercial success compared to exodus.. but i realli hope is nt those poppish candy songs. quite sick of that the least exodus was veri experimental..

  2. aizmov says:

    exodus was great album but not for Amarica
    i think BoA stands a better chance

  3. glassmask says:

    i like th esong..

    but the u.s version is so cheap…
    BoA need to improve her english

    but she is very good already

    .ahh..back to the days like when she just made into japan market..

    hope she can have success just like that!

  4. confused.. says:

    i heard the song.. its sounds veri american.i wont say its bad, but its like she is following the music trend there and not tryin to have her own style.. i’m nt sure about her eng though.. especially the one in version A.. it seems forced..

  5. glassmask says:

    i know!
    I dont want she to follow the trend..
    remember she was great in japan because of herself?..
    and now she follows the japan trend and..i duno, she is not the BoA anymore

    man but only BoA can be so brave and challenging like that!!!
    its very american, so i hope it will sell well..

    exodus is totally not made for u.s…but i love so so~

  6. jefry says:

    am i the only one who hate the title.
    i mean… look who is talking?!

  7. aizmov says:

    IMO it is better if she followed the trend because it will attract people to her
    then when she GET the attraction she bring up her style and people will go like WOHA
    i am really positive and really love what she is doing
    and the title is OK, Look Who is Talking, sounds like i want to say it to someone i know

  8. glassmask says:

    i cant wait for the album..
    i will buy for sure~!
    since u.s albums are much cheaper than japanese single….

  9. aizmov says:

    LOL XD

  10. VnikkiR says:

    Actually, the correct album title is “Look Who’s Talking”, which is a BIG difference from “Look Who Is Talking”. Had it been the latter and not the former, I would’ve had low expectations for it. Seriously.

  11. glassmask says:

    omg why Americans doesnt like Hikki’s Exodus???
    I just got the album and is like..AMAZING!!!!!!


  12. kchan says:

    ^ Hikki’s exodus album was just…too unique for americans i think. Plus, they kept called Hikki the “Japanese Bjork” and not many ppl like Bjork (well, she’s kind of famous in America but ppl tease her alot).

    I think BoA will do well as long as she gets a lot of promotional activities in the US, good english and great songs that most americans will like. Go BoA!!!

  13. Mei Li says:

    where will it be sold…like regular cd stores or online only like eat you up iss

  14. aizmov says:

    it will be sold in regular CDs on March 16th all around USA

  15. Em says:

    the title is “BoA” Look who’s talking is one of the pre album promotion songg… i cant waittt…

  16. aizmov says:

    yeah and this entry is kinda old =P
    welcome to the blog =D

  17. Emily says:

    waitt… so is it sold in all stores.. ive checked every major cd stores….but its only sold on amazon!! ….

  18. aizmov says:

    it is sold everywhere but wallmart

  19. Emily says:

    okk..thank u!!!!!!…. to target!!!

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