BoA ~ Eat You Up Amarican MV ~

here it goes everyone, the US version of BoA’s Eat You Up

i say, it does suit the American market more than the Asian version
but i like the dancing in the Asian version way more >_>


15 Responses to BoA ~ Eat You Up Amarican MV ~

  1. confuse.. says:

    i think i prefer the asian version more. while asian version seems to focus more on dance, american version feels lik its focusin more on sex appeal..

  2. VnikkiR says:

    I heard SM is going to use the Korean version of the MV to promote in America and on her website. The American version is now just being used as a teaser. Aizmov, confirm this because if it’s true, her debut will be sooo much better.

    The intro serves as a glimpse into her success in Asia. It’s short and gets straight to the point. Cuz non-fan attention spans may be short, lol.

    But the rest of the video is… FAIL XD The most ironic thing is, the clips that were in the intro look so much better than this video, lol.

  3. aizmov says:

    the intro i agree was the thing
    there is no official word from SM that they scrapping the MV yet i see that they won’t make it the main MV, they will just throw it online or some special feature with the single coming next November ^__^

  4. glassmask says:

    I love asian bersion, the U.S version look like fan made and is cheap looking…boa is not the se*y type…and make out with guy !!!

    ahah~ did u listen to koda kumi’s taboo? just wondering~

  5. renaye says:

    looking at her videoclip again for the second time makes me wonder what’s up with the dancing when the videoclip is all about dance and the lyrics of doing something with a guy.

    i wonder if an asian has to adopt another culture completely without putting one’s own culture into the lyrics.

  6. aizmov says:

    i don’t see any wrong with the lyrics but the cheesiness XD

  7. VnikkiR says:

    If you think about it, if she expresses her own culture, people who don’t “understand” it may dislike her. If she tries to assimilate to American culture, people who thinks she’s a faker/poser may dislike her. Either way, there WILL be people that dislike her. So to me, it just makes more sense to be herself and do what she does best.

    I didn’t like how they were trying to make Boa “sexy” in a different way than how she has been presented before. She does have her own kind of sex appeal, but it’s innocent and classy. The U.S. video kind of shattered that image. For me, the contradicting characters of her Asian persona and her American persona aren’t as big of a deal as the fact that it wasn’t befitting of her. I was not watching someone exuding natural sexiness, but rather, someone TRYING to be sexy. I have to admit, I felt embarassed for her for this reason. She’s not, say, Hyori Lee. Like her or hate her, she pulls off being sexy, it’s convincing.

    The lyrics itself had sexual implications. Maybe I haven’t read all the translations to Boa’s lyrics, but has she ever sang about getting freaky with a guy? LOL. I wasn’t expecting it. Lyrics wise, I don’t find anything spectacular about it, but I’ve heard worse (anyone remember “Milkshake”? Ha :D). But to be honest, I couldn’t help but think that this particular song would’ve sounded better if it were sung by, say, Britney Spears. Granted, she has the advantage of being fluent in English, but this isn’t just about Boa’s accent (which was obviously attempted to be concealed by the heavy synthesizing). It’s about the way she sang the song. It was too monotonous for me. I didn’t think she got down and dirty and sang it with as much attitude as the song needed. Kind of like that low, sultry, breathy, deep in your throat seductive voice. Like, she didn’t really give the song character, so I dunno.

    I’m not trying to bash her btw. I just think that Boa’s too talented to be subjected to mediocre work for the sake of playing it safe in American territory.

    Oh yeahhh, one more thing. I wish Eat You Up’s tempo were faster. It’d probably make it difficult for her to dance to, but for a repetitive song, the medium tempo makes it drag a bit. Weeee~

  8. VnikkiR says:

    @ glassmask:

    Yeah, I heard Koda Kumi’s Taboo. I think after That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie, Taboo was appropriate to follow up in terms of sound. I liked both Taboo and Eat You Up, but after a couple plays, Taboo won XD It wasn’t as repetitive, and it was more climactic instead of monotonous.

    The video was… interesting (o.O) But that’s Kuu for ya, she’s all about shock value and pushing the envelope. I also really liked Son Dam Bi’s Gone Crazy feat. Eric. I think you’d like that song too glassmask. It’s… dance-y XD

    @ Aizmov:

    Have you or are you going to watch A-Nation ’08? I want to know if it’s good this year, then I’ll preorder a copy :3 So far, my only complaint based on the news clips I’ve seen on YouTube is that they put Namie’s performance during a DAY timeslot instead of night. She’s totally a night performer, I was kind of surprised XD

  9. aizmov says:

    me not going to watch a-nation, no namie no BoA, pass =(

  10. VnikkiR says:

    I thought Namie performed at A-Nation. She was wearing a green tube dress, if my memory’s correct. And it was during the day…


    I think you should post up this video Aizmov:

    Hahaha XDDD

  11. aizmov says:

    i am planning in re-post the whole single again =)

  12. confused.. says:

    oh well.. some interesting info for u guys..
    if i am not wrong, the american version is going to be scrapped off instead. the asian version will be used for promotion of this song in US. SM entertainment said that.

  13. aizmov says:

    no they said they will use both lol XD

  14. confused.. says:

    lol. we will see. x)

  15. VnikkiR says:

    @ Aizmov:

    LOL @ reposting the single.

    Actually, I think confused.. is right. I said the same thing in the previous post, lol. SM heard negative feedback from fans about the American version of the MV and decided to use the Asian version to promote in the U.S. The American version will be isolated to teasers and her BoaAmerica website. But I haven’t officially confirmed this, sooo, we’ll just leave that thought in the air for now XD

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