~ BoA US Single – Eat You Up (Review) ~

and here it goes my first review after that long brake we take for this blog
well, Karimu is still without any connection, but he is alive to mention lol
so i will take the work alone until he comes back blogging with me

Download the Song: ((e-mails ONLY))

so, this time we will be talking about the Hit Single of BoA’s first English US release ” Eat You Up “
one day i woke up on the morning, it was a Ramadhan day, a bit destroyed for the damn life around me
and WOHHHAAAAAA i read the tip news about BoA releasing an Album in America, well, it was a shock and i was really happy she is doing something new… but, i got shocked more that there is a preview avilable at the time, and when i heard it i went like crazy jumping and saying ” EATCHU UP NOOO NOOOO NOOO NOOOOO lol… so now BoA had released this single, and it got really a hot attention yet a mixed reviews and response
” so let’s see what the song hide for us

Tip News: BoA Hit The American Chart Using Her Fan Base ?

true, Eat You Up managed to hit #15 in the top hot songs in amazon.com moreover, hit #1 in the new Dance & DJ chart in amazon.com charts… and for the highly known iTunes, BoA hit #2 in the Dance chart for the US and Canada, #1 in both Japan and Italy… and she is only depending on her fan base, since her official promotion haven’t started yet, i personally, was amazed that her fans managed to get her there, they are like telling SM ” finally you brought her here ” but is she strong enough to stand for the US ?!!!

Tip News: BoA Promotion setup:

this week BoA is starting the promotion in the US for the song, SM states that she is going to go visit some stores, radio station and some TV appearance to raise the awareness of her in the US, moreover, a selected clips from the Asian Music Video will be shown in the big screen in both NY and LA for the next three months, and what made me really excited is BoA is going to host the first ever event, Youtube Live, that will be broadcast streaming in both Japan and USA at the same time, BoA will start the link between the two country and she will preform Eat You Up for both countries for the first time, OK, that’s i call PROMOTION lol

About Eat You Up:

Eat You Up is a song produced by Bloodshy & Avant the ones produces Bertiny Spears song, it is an aggressive song talks about a boy that is not use for love and he should be eaten up, the single released 21/10 of this year with 2 different Music Video to promote the song starring BoA’s powerful dancing skills

Aizmov’s Song Review:

well, SO DAMN ADDICTIVE, i used to say that ROCK STADY by Namie Amuro was addictive but this one is really hell of one as well, although BoA’s English is kinda cracky for some, but maybe because i am not native speaker i find it so stright and understandable, never get the accent story lol, the beat is catchy and new, and the lyrics are superly cheesy, though after few listens you will start singing ” i’ll eatchu up ((MEOW)) ” lol, yeah the cat voice in this song is just funny and AMAZING XD

Aizmov’s Music Video Review:

i will NOT talk about the American Direction MV because it does suck, but the Asian Direction was really AWESOME, the Music Video staring BoA angry from some judges and wants to eat them up she ambushes their court room and destroy the whole stage with her powerful dancing, i kept training in that routine and i am almost mastering it, the tomboy appearnce of BoA is really great and fits here, and again the dance, is just HOT

Rating: 9.8/10


13 Responses to ~ BoA US Single – Eat You Up (Review) ~

  1. jefry says:

    i was so looking forward to an update about BoA!

  2. jun says:

    hi there, can u send me a ddl for boa – eat you up??? i hope i can get the full single 🙂

  3. aizmov says:

    if you are part of 1ST system you should get it in 3 hours or so

  4. QuantumCerberus says:

    I already saw the video, it was AWESOME !

    Please send me the song, pretty please !!

  5. aizmov says:

    send your e-mail to onesingletear@gmail.com and you will be getting the song shortly

  6. rubytellme says:

    She’s going to flop. She’s coming out at the WRONG time of the year. Britney Spears is coming out with Circus and Christina Aguilera is coming out with her Greatest Hits along side with some news songs that were produced by Goldfrapp. Do I even NEED to mention Beyonce? BoA is going to catch a bad case of Beyonceitis. No one survives during the reign of Beyonce… NO ONE. Especially new artists. Nope, they better push it back a year or two because Beyonce tends to stay for a very long time. Plus, Britney is BACK. She’s healthy and looking better than ever. How the hell is she going to even stand a chance between the three Queens of modern Pop and R&B. No one is going to give her the time of day. Even Rihanna is not going to benefit from this reign of terror.

  7. QuantumCerberus says:

    BoA didn’t even scared of Britney ^^

    Isn’t this is a good time then to see what BoA and Britney capable of ?

  8. aizmov says:

    rubytellme, you are making no sense, first of all, she is not even going to release the album before next year, that’s for myself, i will get bored from Bretiny’s Beyonce’s and Christina’s albums, and to release Eat You Up with these people it is better than without them, people tend to listen to the music in ” GROUP ” like buysing multiple CDs at the same time and listen to them all the whole winter, so it is good she will be like, oh beyonce’s music video is HOT, oh what this video next to it, hmmmm new singer, seems ok, and so on… and if she is going to flop, she tried then, but this is not reasonable reason for her to fail, the singers you said are well-known, but they can’t reduce someone’s sales numbers because they are just there, you tell me that you can’t buy 2 albums at the same time ?!!!!

  9. QuantumCerberus says:

    oh yeah Aizmov, did my message come to your email ?

    I already sent email to onesingletear@gmail.com

    My email is QuantumCerberus@yahoo.com

    Thanks !

  10. aizmov says:

    gonna check that manually

  11. Lucy says:

    i personally think this song is not strong enough to hit the USA much longer… really hope I’m wrong.

    but I can’t wait for her album!!

    and yes, the american video sucked really really hard.

    what kind of managers she got!!!

  12. QuantumCerberus says:

    Aizmov, I received your download link already !

    Thanks a lot Aizmov ! hehe !!

  13. Saja says:

    WTF is this thing about Beyonce? Sounds to me somebody is a little biased. In my cities and my boyfriends city Beyonce is already dying down. Not to mention ANYBODY can survive after Brittney Spears these days. Brittney is not eveybodies guilty pleasure. BoA has a good chance. She can ACTUALLY sing, she has a brain, a solid fanbase already, getting good rep so far already with other US known singer/songwriters, and can ACTUALLY DANCE. The US needs some spice, something a bit different and BoA could just be it. Give her a chance.

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