Review: Best Guests Rooms Ever !!!

ok i’ve been out lately, and i haven’t been updating about my personal life so much as i used to, so today i am here with 4 new entries in a raw O_O; and this is the first

in this topic i will talk about my top 3 guests rooms i have ever been in my life, the review will contain everything including the good/bad memories it may have so it’s see starting from #3

#3 Our Guests Room:
well i am not pulling off the strains here, but yeah really our new guests room is just awesome, it took us about a year to finish it, yes a year, but the amazing Roman Style guests room came out to be Fagnstastic O_O, my father kept it a surprise for us, because that room was always LOCKED UP, and when i got inside today after i came from the university i was jumping around and say ” WOW WOW WOW “, i really loved the fire place in there, the whole CINEMATIC SCREEN TV, the furniture and all, but the only problem with that place is, it doesn’t fit my style, i mean i am youth and this is so damn oldish lol, i mean when i get my friends by i am not gonna invite them in there, it will give us the feeling of ” what was the last book you read ? ” instead of ” let’s jump and dance ” lol, Rating: 8.9

#2 Ahmed’s Guests Room:
this guests room was officially opened last week, and been under construction the whole summer, when i first got invited there ((to sleep over XD)) i stepped back for a while, because, i haven’t imagined that Ahmed will pull off such a nice room with a law budget he was telling me about, well what shocked me more, is the space, i had a feeling it will be smaller, then the atmosphere, it was like yellow dark lights and the electronics with their xenon lights plays the cool part, about 10 figures were put nicely in display, some of Final Fantasy, Gears of War and other figures… the sofa was excellently selected, the music system was excellently arranged, and he has both XBOX and PS3 on the main room side, the floor was a wooden plastic cover and the walls were like mix of white and PINK =P, i loved it there, although the bad memory i had XD, oh yeah, forgot something, there was a champing bottles and some glasses up there with a football courtyard picture in the wall =), more of LINKIN PARK and Lambrad pictures in the other sides as well, and yeah i loved the water fall sink outside lol Rating: 9.0

#1 Misha’s Guests Room:
the second reason why i am writing this lol, the first was Ahmed’s, but Hail Misha’s Guests room is awesome, well i mentioned Ahemd twice or more in this blog but Misha never, so you will have to read the first topic of this chain of topics to know him, anyways, yesterday was my first day to get into Misha’s house, and the time i stepped outside the car i was like so where are we going ? he got me into an automatic door and pushed a button then it opened ((not like these in super market NO, but just to unlock the door)), when i got inside, i was like, Misha ? i’m outta here XD, i was really amazed, the whole place was like BLUE BLUE BLUE, i can’t explain it, not like walls colors, the walls were like Paige, but the aquarium was HUGE AND BLUE and it really give the room a huge blue feeling, a big and great picture of him was there lol, gave me the feeling of he likes himself XD, and the surprise is he has all the consoles in the world there, lol never knew he was a gamer since we see each other in the dance classes and dance team competitions lol, what make this better than ahmed ” electronically ” that the surround system is built in, it is in the walls and ceiling or something O_O, lol kinda like Ali’s house lol, although it is not AS entertaining and funny as Ahmed’s but the classical youth atmosphere and the aquarium made me stares at it for quite alot of times, Rating: 9.2


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