One Single Tear ~ Ways To Run From A Lab ?? ~

and here comes a personal issue again
i’m currently in a BORING lab that lasts 3 hours eh
it is BORING TO DEATH, does anyone have any idea ” beside writing in the blog and checking ALL my 1000+ e-mails O_O ” ?!!
oh yeah the Best of 2008 List might be delayed from November 15 to December 25 because i have big plans for the end of the year and i am planning to include them in =D
this year i have a new condidates, such as, Veronica, Elizabith, Shiro, Nawaf and Misha along side the old people i already know…
for my big plan, i am really working on expand my job shedual and do something different, since my plan isn’t finished yet, i believe will be still planning for it before i announce it, my first step on that will be tomorrow hopefully if that went will i will be announcing that here =D
wish me luck =D


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