~ Best of 2008 Glance + DANCAZIA ~

Best of 2008 under construction, lotta people know that already, i make a list every year for what is the best of the year so here is the glance for the top 5 peeps in the friend list:
1) Ahmed.Q
2) Ali
3) Xeonash
5) Ahmed.F
this is subjected to change because i decided to push the list until 25 December 2008

in another news, the fall competition is called ” DANCAZIA ” will be held 27 November of this year
and this year i cam coming back to the stage, i didn’t decide what songs i will be using, and since some of the other teams members read my blog i won’t tell until we register the songs lol, see in 3 weeks or so =P


2 Responses to ~ Best of 2008 Glance + DANCAZIA ~

  1. Zyerie says:

    woah…it’s been along time ..
    i’ve been absent for such along time for this place..
    etooo…e? Dancazia??
    wondering how the dance will be…
    i want to see if there is a recording later..XD

    pz.how are you bro?

  2. aizmov says:

    me fine miss ya sis =D
    don’t leave again keep checking here we are back again lol !!!

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