Yuna Ito – Koi wa Groovy MV

OK, i will say something, YUNA ITO IS BACK
well, in the time OneSingleTear was absent Yuna Ito released ” Missin You ” which was a nice ballad
but it didn’t pull off Yuna Ito for me since I’m Here and Endless Story because they are the ONLY songs by Yuna Ito i actually can hear…
and finally she released something really attractive” Koi wa Groovy
when she started to sing i was like ” OMG YUNA’S TRUE VOICE “, it was loud, powerful, pure and warm
the lyrics is sooooo GROOVY lol, i like the beat and the flow of the song
although i know i will get sick of it later on because it a bit repeative and not hold the addictive feeling within it like ” Eat You Up ” and ” ROCK STEADY
the MV was, well, FUN ?!!!!!!!!
best MV for Yuna Ito for me, since ” I’m Here ” had alot of Movie Scenes in there
lol i LOVE the snow part, i really found the part where she dances wierd but it was creative
so people, enjoy it while it is now

Rating: 8.8/10


2 Responses to Yuna Ito – Koi wa Groovy MV

  1. Telos says:

    koi wa groovy is such a catchy song expected from yuna. allthough, there are to many signs of advertising from gap in this MV

  2. aizmov says:

    because it is GAP tie-in =P

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