and finally guys this is the first LIVE for BoA‘s US single EAT YOU UP that was performed yesterday in YOUTUBE LIVE JAPAN.

BoA did a segment of 4 songs: EAT YOU UP, LOSE YOUR MIND, LISTEN TO MY HEART and Merikuri
here is the review of each song:


EAT YOU UP: the performance that all BoA fans was waiting for, EAT YOU UP LIVE, i was expecting her coming to the stage and lipsnyc the whole performance but when she came with the Audio Technica white microphone i was like ” SHE IS DOING IT LIVE ? ” and yeah i was impressed, although there are some people who were saying ” she didn’t sing at all ” but yeah i can tell them, if they can do eat you up dance steps and sing it at the same time i will quite be a pro dancer, and i mean it, recored a video and put it here looool… truly amazing BoA and the chrisma was there as well made me pleased to see her, i like her hair and all, god performance: 9/10

LOSE YOUR MIND: lol she changed some of the steps and with extra chrisma i am not a fan for the cherogprahy but i love that song: 8.5/10


LISTEN TO MY HEART: the new live arrangment we saw before in BoA THE LIVE, i really loved it, 8.9/10

Merikuri: IT IS MERIKURI, but i doubt that was the new best album version everyone were speaking about so yeah MERIKURI, 9/10


5 Responses to BoA – YOUTUBE LIVE Special – (EAT YOU UP LIVE)

  1. Ed Penano says:

    What: BoA set to perform NYC @ Times Square!
    When: Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008!

    More info @

  2. Edward says:

    lol, poor guitarist!! his string broke lol!!

  3. aizmov says:

    lol yeah that made me laugh for the rest of the day XD
    i was like ” WHAT THE HELL ? where is the guitar part XD ?!!! “

  4. Futrus says:

    every thing was good but Merikuri was AMAZING , i love this song T_T

  5. aizmov says:

    you will die when the new version is up 😛 !!!

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