(Preview) :: New Life New Era

i have no comments about it for now, but hell yeah, it is new era and new life for me…
” it is just about time for everything to start changing for me again ”
so keep on touch everyone, it will be a big update and new things for all this blog
oh yeah i look funny in this pic, lol like it is the first time i smile or something ?!!!


8 Responses to (Preview) :: New Life New Era

  1. Xeonash says:

    :3 enjoy ur time, and bring my DS charger back to safety !

  2. aizmov says:

    your DS charger @ home 😛

  3. aizmov says:

    what you wanted me to put it around my nick ? or give it mr.dawood as a gift 😛 ?!!

  4. Xeonash says:

    But you said your house is not safe 😦

  5. aizmov says:

    they will leave the 42″ plasma and take your charger 😛 ?!!!

  6. Xeonash says:


    btw are you ok with this side talk xD ?

  7. aizmov says:

    it is ok, actually this entry is about chatting of what to come next in the blog, yeah it is going to be big, bigger than robot background 😛

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