~ BEST OF 2008 LIST ~

yes here is the long waited 2008 list =D
here is the top 5 people wining titles:


1) Mr.D : 15 titles (Platinum Medal)
2) Nawaf : 11 titles (Golden Medal)
3) Ahmed.Q: 8 titles (Silver Medal)
4) Ali + Ahmed.B : 6 titles (Bronze Medal)

Medal of Honor: Konash
Medal of Overseas Friend: Veronica Ros
Medal of Best Idol: BoA

and so this year was so hot and so this list speaks itself, check it out:


2 Responses to ~ BEST OF 2008 LIST ~

  1. Xeonash says:

    aww shucks *^^*

    I can see your happy frog face here 😀
    Enjoy ur life man

    btw, nice design :<

  2. aizmov says:

    yeah i was so damn happy, and I AM so damn happy even now lol, well, you can tell from ” the frog face ” lol… i never smile that much in my pictures, but in this one i realized that i got one OK smile lol, i will never hide it again XD

    uh, thanks, i tried to make it simple but well, i hated the banner it is blur =/

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