~ and so now i love my hair ~


yes yes yes Abdullah, i love my HAIR now XD
well the story came from my phone call with Mr.D after his interview yesterday
he called me and asked me if i am still in Kuwait and all, and then he surprised me with
, don’t EVER wear a cap once again ”
i was like ” ha ? ”
he replied ” when you came to me the other day with your hair it RAWKS, when i saw you with the cap i thought you were hiding your hair but your hair looked nice, so please next time i see you don’t wear a cap ”
holy chocolate O_O, this is like one of the BEST complements i have ever had beside my sense of fashion my friends comment about, yeah i never got a complement about my hair before, and yet it came from someone way more handsome than me, so, from now on, MAY HAIR RAWKS, more than Abdullah‘s 😛


8 Responses to ~ and so now i love my hair ~

  1. Xeonash says:

    Who said your hair is bad? 😮

    Don’t you remember how my eyes looked when you wanted to do something to ur hair to make it straight? :3

    And again, excuse me … but why do you have to compare my hair to urs? Mine is good, ur is too



  2. Xeonash says:

    + You’re the one who told ahmad (futrus) That it was wrong of him to compare between me and my brother, why are you comparing hairs now?

  3. aizmov says:

    i am not comparing, you baka XD
    i am just hyping up the post XD
    there is the none-seriousness face of ” 😛 ” on there XD
    and i didn’t really knew that my hair is that nice before OMGZ O_O;
    and then you have the nicest hair from all around me so, next maybe Ali, but it can’t be hyped out that way XD

  4. Xeonash says:

    You made me feel bad and sad 😦

  5. aizmov says:

    oh nooooo T_T
    you baka know what i meant knock out of it XD
    you must try something =P
    spike out your hair XD

  6. Xeonash says:

    <.< Spike my foot
    I can’t stand Gel -_- It ruins the hair!

  7. aizmov says:

    no it does not =O
    or my brother would be a8ra3 now XD

  8. Xeonash says:

    He will be soon 😀

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