~ Winter Ballad Songs ~


Hello everyone,
you remember the old topic ” Ballad Songs ” ?!!
this is now the other version, i am looking for the best Winter Ballads..
and this time i am mainly looking for boys singers, R&B stuff, let’s see like EXILE’s – LOVERS AGAIN
write you recommendations and upload the songs when possible, and let’s see if we can collect a nice ” Winter Ballad ” album…
if enough posts was submitted like the other topic i will upload the songs with the name of people who recommended it and post it on the blog and 1ST sharing system, so let’s rock it


4 Responses to ~ Winter Ballad Songs ~

  1. luvly_piti says:

    hmmm I think hoshi no suna by gackt is good ballad,,, but not sure if that`s for winter XD

  2. aizmov says:

    ^ oh our first song provider =P
    thanks for the recommendation i am gonna give it a try and see O.o
    all ballads actually fits in the lovely winter weather lol =P

  3. AiNicTeD says:

    errmm how about landing in london by 3 doors down.. I think it suits the weather.. haha..

  4. aizmov says:

    i tried it, wow, lol, it is cool XD

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