~ Final Fantasy XIII Battle System, REVOLUTION ~

so guys SQUARE ENIX just dropped a bomb the other day about the battle system in the V-Jump magazine, i will explain it, it is true REVOLUTION:

Starting Battle:
like Final Fantasy XII, you will see the enemy on the screen walking around the area, but when they saw you, your characters won’t get their weapons out, instead you can still walk, but when you hit one of them, you will get your weapons out, and control will be disabled…

Commencing The Fight:
as mentioned in the scan, you will be choosing the compact assault from the menu like old FFs
but, this time it is different, you will be selecting a string of actions like: Attack > Attack > items: Potion > Attack > Fire > Attack > Cure… then you will see the character doing them like a movie, yeah like Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, they promised us to do it and they did it, you will be selecting commands aimlessly and the character will be hitting the enemy as soon as the ATB is up with that sequence you choose…

there won’t be Magic on the menu but instead when you choose attack for the first time, new elements will show up on the screen like ” Fire, Cure… etc” when you choose them another new elements will show up, which is like ” choose things new will be up then choose the new things and so on ” creative =D

here is the scans (click to enlarge them)


9 Responses to ~ Final Fantasy XIII Battle System, REVOLUTION ~

  1. CBloss says:

    This is sooo exciting! ^_^ I’m glad they are finally releasing more info on it. For awhile there, it felt like they would be working on it forever. I guess they really can’t pop out these games like easter eggs. ^^; I thought they were going to have an international release where it was released both in US & Japan at the same time, but I was probably thinking of another game.

    Any news on that Sword game you told me awhile back? I can’t remember the name of it. >_<

    Thanks for the trans on those scans! Always nice to know what they are saying! ^_^

  2. aizmov says:

    what sword game O.O ?!!!!
    Crisis Core O.O ?!!!!

  3. CBloss says:

    Uhh noo… *thinks* Sword of Reistnece or something. I can’t remember the R-word. I just remember it’s supposed to be released all over the world at the same time.

  4. aizmov says:

    OMG, The Last Reminant =D
    yeah, it got released but i had no chance to play it
    because of the region restriction thingie…
    well, when the PS3 one is out i will be sure to take it ^__^

  5. CBloss says:

    YES! That’s the one! Say WHAT!? Why haven’t they released it for the PS3? ….I really do find that odd that they released it just for one counsel. I was looking at the wiki page for it and there’s a lot of big time voice actors for the English version. I was amazed. O.O

  6. aizmov says:

    yeah it was pleasantly made to be a good RPG, they say its graphical problems made the game kinda weird and didn’t get good scores, the PS3 version will release spring this year… i think i will take it when it gets to PS3 ^__^

  7. CBloss says:

    Ahhh gotcha. That would do it. I think I’ll just wait for FFXIII to come out and then get a PS3 and that game as well. 🙂 To be honest, I usually ignore the critics anyway. As long as the players enjoy it, who cares what the critics say?

    There’s been a lot of talk about the new KH games too. I am looking forward for those games as well.

  8. aizmov says:

    yeah i feel like i will have to write more about games in here XD

  9. CBloss says:

    Haha! If you have any other suggestions. I usually don’t step away too much from the series that I’m used to (ie. Zelda, FF, KH). Though I did get Guitar Hero for Xmas.

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