BoA – EIEN ~ Download + Review ~

bye bye bye, why did you say bye bye, why did you say bye bye
a line that will write in history one of the best BoA‘s songs of all time
BoA‘s new hit song, of her 27th single, EIEN



Since forever as the title means and i wanted a song that beats DO THE MOTION for me, and when i heard she is releasing a new Japanese single came to my mind that it will be ballad song, but the surprise was the song isn’t ballad at all, it is a mid-tempo pop about love found in a club and disappeared suddenly… might the idea seem empty, but the lyrics itself are amazing

CD only cover:


the lyrics went smooth, but what makes you love this song is BoA‘s performance, the way she says it, the way she song it, it is unique, never heard BoA doing such a good material since god know WHEN, the beat might sound generic for some, but as i mentioned before, the lyrics makes it as smooth as it is…

CD+DVD cover:


all in all, this is the best song BoA had since 2005’s DO THE MOTION… i am so getting this song to another level

Rate: 10/10
Download Link: send an empty e-mail to to get the song
no more downloadable =)


17 Responses to BoA – EIEN ~ Download + Review ~

  1. totally agree. this song is a GEM. +)

  2. NICE pict… but the song si going catchy again!! And sometime it bored me for no reason, LOL!

  3. aizmov says:

    @ angel: JEWEL =P

    @ Lady: OMG i can’t get bored from it XD

  4. ._. says:

    Hey anymore songs in this single?

  5. aizmov says:

    2 others songs one is a collaboration with Crystal Kay and VERBAL from mfl-o and the other one is with RAVEX
    they are still unreleased… we gotta wait to get them ^^

  6. balmicky says:

    nice song… i like it so much….

    thanks for sharing ^^;

  7. aizmov says:

    you are more than welcomed

  8. still dont have the sample of collab with crystal kay and verbal?
    love these 3

    anyway the more i listen to Eien, the more i think it is some sort of a reply to Park Yoochun’s LoVe Bye LoVe from Mirotic C. Not making up any rumour but yeah, with the same rendition of ‘bye bye bye’ and the matching lyrics..i like it! hehe

  9. aizmov says:

    haven’t listen to Yoochun’s i think maybe one friend of mine who is freak DBSK threw it on me >.>

  10. Karimu says:

    Eien sounds incredibly fresh, it’s nothing groundbreaking though. It’s like a mix of My Way Your Way and Love Letter with a small tempo boost…

    The song flows very well and the choruses are very catchy but the bridge really disappointed me :/

    I can’t wait to hear to other songs… this single sounds very promising!

  11. aizmov says:

    karimu are you kidding me XD
    when she says kondo pasuta i melt away DIRECTLY XD
    or when she says ” zutto watashi wo mamoru ” OMG O_O
    who she spells zutto is so damn cute XD
    well, i didn’t like a song like this since DO THE MOTION
    good to see you around boy, make sure to check this page tomorrow ((maybe late tonight)) there some intersting stuff going on XD

  12. Dr3aM3rr says:

    i really like eien compared to her other singles; i was really hoping for a ballad but her voice is really refreshing especially right before the chorus. They just leaked Ravex’s version of Believe in Love ft. BoA.on youtube
    um…it’s really interesting…Boa’s single will have the acoustic version (im a sucker for acoustic so maybe the song iwll grow on me) but yea. there are some parts where i really like it…but yea. this single looks promising – i like it alot better than vivid and be with you (although sparkling has grown ALOT on me since the release)
    but yea go boa~

  13. Dr3aM3rr says:

    i’m DYING to see the MV for eien though…^^;

  14. aizmov says:

    yeah BELIEVE IN LOVE was like ” HUH ? ”
    so caaaaaaaaaalm o.o;

  15. Mr.Cool says:

    I like her last few singles, i thought they were great.
    Or maybe i’m attracted by her voice. It’s sexy.
    This single Eien looks great.
    Deffinetly getting this single.
    It’s gonna be worth it cause both the songs so far are exceedingly good IMO.

  16. Kirei says:

    I am so in love with this song! I wasn’t a fan of BoA before, but I am now! The song’s so addictive and the mv is just great. 🙂

  17. aizmov says:

    i lost faith on BoA at someone point, but now, i am so back XD

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