~ BoA – EIEN Music Video ~

i am still on the OMG mode

Honestly, the best Music Video done by her
EIEN brought back everything i love about BoA
the awosome dancing, the great lyrics and the toxic feeling
the MV is all on all 100/10 i don’t have a faviorate part
but i really like the part with the hooded scene
and i loved the idea when she talks about the airhpones and she actually has one
and when she said ” when you move and the phones fall from my ears ” she points at her ear XD
yeah i am so picky lol… but people don’t miss this one

Rating: 10000/10


7 Responses to ~ BoA – EIEN Music Video ~

  1. Karimu says:

    It’s weird… I like it.. o.o;

    gonna comment later.. there is a scene that looks ripped off her Girls on Top MV btw…

    gtg i’m kinda busy :p

  2. aizmov says:

    i don’t see GOT XD
    but, it is weird, it is my second DO THE MOTION

  3. jefry says:

    i thought the dancing was weird.
    but i enjoyed the mv though.

  4. aizmov says:

    hmmmm, it fits the music i found it amazing o.o;

  5. phil says:

    It’s great! i love it.
    Favorite mv!
    Has a bit of everything, and the choreography was hot!
    Has a really nice touch to it, really nice!

  6. koolrnb says:

    haha, love the song, and her new hair cut too :”>

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