been a while haven’t update anything about ENIOS, well we are working hard..
i would like to announce that the BETA VERSION of the manga will be announced soon

i am hoping to get at least 50 users to try the manga and write me feedback so we can improve our production
i am thinking of giving up the whole VOL.1 if people made enough hype lol… other wise i will make it just up to half a volume…
until then here is the PROMO for the manga, yes it is CHIBI ((naruto-wanna-be)) style, although the manga won’t follow this style, but i had to make this promo incase it is needed for another projects… until more updates about our lovely project, take care everyone

((press on the picture for large veiw))



  1. drtiamat says:

    ooh =O , now things got a little bit scary =S
    but I can’t say I din’t like it so , cool =)
    and yea, I’ll help with the hype ^___^

  2. aizmov says:

    what type of being scary ?!! … for the manga to be chibi and bland =P ?
    no chance =P !!!
    the actor himself didn’t approve for this to go in XD
    it will be promo ONE time only, i don’t think we will pull that over for the other characters

  3. Did Ya is so much POP to me, i don’t see it as a hit single, but maybe a radio friendly,

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