~ ENIOS New Pages Preview ~

Hello everyone,
yesterday i scared some people with our CHIBI like PROMO picture but today’s update i will give you a better gift…
this update will be the last until we finish the trial manga by the end of April hopefully…
here are the sketches ((without dialog)) for the second and third pages of the manga…
enjoy and remember to leave comment, any feedback will be helpful =D
if you are smart enough get the dialog LOL XD
((all sketches made by Tatiana))
CLICK FOR BIGGER VERSION <<< why the caps moron XD


5 Responses to ~ ENIOS New Pages Preview ~

  1. Abdul Rahman says:

    Needs more details imo.

    & I’m Waiting as usual 😉

  2. aizmov says:

    this is sketch, just to make sure we are drawing what we need, the final version will be so detailed =D

  3. drtiamat says:

    lol , poor bunny xD but am happy he made it safe xP
    yea, is it from left to right or the reverse =\ ? , I got confused coz there is no text or numbers referring the order but it supposed to be in English ryte ^^ ?

  4. aizmov says:

    looooool all you care about is that bunny XD
    yeah it is left to right, and it will be in 3 languages: english, arabic and japanese…
    when the trial release, people who will role in will have to choose in which language they want it ^__^
    I am really hoping we finish a great deal from that by April =D

  5. philip says:

    good morning how are you today?

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