BoA – BEST & USA ~ USA ALBUM (Review + Download) ~

so ladies and gentelmen finally BoA’s US album is out and hell yah we are all enjoying it
personally i haven’t expected such an album, i think my expectation was so low … i am so pleased
the album is superbly well established, with songs that will definitely pleases all taste
let’s go with a ride about the highlights of the album
this album also have a great place in my heart cuz i did hear it yesterday with my friends in a special MSN party loool


my favorite song in the album, it is as catchy as FOREVER, the song was produced by the same guy who made Rihanna’s Disturbia from SECOND #1, REPORT TO THE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE FLOOOOR, waaaah i can’t even get this out of my mind since yesterday, yeah some maybe think BoA would be a Rihanna wanna be, but i assure you that BoA did pull the song better than Rihanna, and i can’t wait to see how she would perform it with her dance skills, my best part of the song will be where she is saying ”  feel like i’m up there abo abo above the clouds ” ERRRR so addictive. YEAH, i’m feeling so ENERGETIC, i don’t think ya’ll will ever GET IT ❤
Rating: 10/10
Download Link


Produced and Featured by Sean Garrett, the song is a keeper, the song is a catcher, and the video clip is just about everything, lol, i sware if you heard this song you will keep saying ” EYE EYE EYE EYE DID IT DID IT DID IT FOR LOVE ” for the rest of the day =P … the only thing i hate about this song is there is not so many variety … it goes EYE EYE EYE EYE DID IT DID IT DID IT FOR LOVE like 50% of the song lol =P
Rating: 9.5/10
Download Link


i always loved JLO, and here, BoA was so JLOish with her HIP HOP style song, i loooooooooove it, there is not much in it, not unique lyrics also, but the instrumentals are just like PERFECT.
Rating: 9/10
Download Link

The Album: yeah we have been waiting for this album like 5 years and now finally it is with us, guys, this is one in a life time album and you must get it i will say no more
Rating: 9/10
Download Link #1
Download Link #2
Download Link #3


12 Responses to BoA – BEST & USA ~ USA ALBUM (Review + Download) ~

  1. Mena says:

    I love it! I was so happy to hear about BoA’s American debut…. My favorite song is obsessed and eat you up I reeeeally like I did it for love too. Her style is completely different but I understand that she had to do it to survive in the american market. Looking forward to what else she brings to america. Good luck BoA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Dr3aM3rr says:

    boa stated in an interview that her new album will bring awesome beats for the club scene. In that context, I believe that this album is a huge success, because listening to it has automatically made me move to the beat. ^^;
    Hope her Best&USA compilation album in Japan sells amazingly.

  3. aizmov says:

    i don’t feel obsessed, but i am feeling Energetic more lol … yeah she did that for the American market, and she did well, i just hope in her next project she do something shows herself more..

    BEST&USA has an excellent impact in the Japanese market but not as that huge impact Namie did last year lol

  4. Karimu says:

    You just couldn’t wait, could you? I told you I was reviewing it since I’m having spring break this week 😀 FINALLY!!

    You’ll know my opinion when I write the review… I have work to do now :p

  5. aizmov says:

    i didn’t review the album, only few tracks because i know you will make your comeback =D
    but i had to make this blog move a little 😉

  6. Anna says:

    My fave on the album have to be Did Ya the most, i had such low expectation but most of the songs are not bad, i question the single choice though, some of the songs in there would have been a way better draw…
    Anyways thanks for the review!

  7. Dr3aM3rr says:

    boa reached #1 on the ORICON charts! ❤ I’m so happy <33

  8. aizmov says:

    @Anna: Did Ya is so much POP to me, i don’t see it as a hit single, but maybe a radio friendly, i am so intor Energetic as the new single =)

    @Dr3: well, she is #1 but with low sales actually ^__^;

  9. jinx says:

    i bought the 2cd+2dvd pack from hmv japan and it came in today 😀

    i have to say it’s really 2 awesome albums (best japan and usa debut).. i can’t wait to get home from work and watch the 2 dvds..

    i wish her all the best..

  10. aizmov says:

    the USA DVD is so much fun =D
    i like the package and the special long case is just AWESOME right 😉 ?

  11. gaming reviews…

    […]BoA – BEST & USA ~ USA ALBUM (Review + Download) ~ « One Single Tear[…]…

  12. Did Ya is so much POP to me, i don’t see it as a hit single, but maybe a radio friendly,

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