BoA – BEST&USA (Part 1)



BEST&USA is BoA‘s 2nd greatest hits Album released about 4 years after her first one Best of Soul. What makes this album interesting is not only does it contain her singles collection but her US debut disc as well, making a total of 27 songs.

Part I : BEST


  1. UNIVERSE feat.Cyrstal Kay & VERBAL (m-flo)
  3. 永遠
  4. 七色の明日 ~brand new beat~
  5. Winter Love
  6. メリクリ ~BEST&USA Version~
  7. Sweet Impact
  8. 抱きしめる
  10. Sparkling
  11. Key of Heart
  12. make a secret
  13. Everlasting
  14. LOSE YOUR MIND feat.Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA
  15. Believe in LOVE feat.BoA (Acoustic Version)
  16. VALENTI ~BEST&USA Version~

The 1st disc on the album contains her Japanese singles from DO THE MOTION to 永遠, in addition to o new versions of two songs of her pre-Best of Soul era.

Apparently they couldn’t  rely on her ”New Hits”. To be honest, I think that only 5-7 songs deserve to be on this disc. BoA seems to always chose the wrong songs to release as singles and leaves the great stuff as forgotten album tracks. Outgrow, Lady Galaxy, Aggressive…etc I swear there are some B-sides that are better than her A-sides, take Candle Lights or soundscape for example. Don’t get me wrong, these songs are good and I like all of them but It just bugs me that she has better tracks and she choses to neglate them.

Recommended tracks: DO THE MOTION, 永遠, Winter Love, LOVE LETTER, make a secret & Everlasting. The new versions of VALENTI & メリクリ are ❤ too but only I recommend the original versions too.

Tracks to skip: none

Part 1 is good, but it definitely gets much more interesting in Part 2…

stay tuned!

ps: Part II will be more detailed of course… Karimu


2 Responses to BoA – BEST&USA (Part 1)

  1. aizmov says:

    FINALLY , but i want PART2 =P
    well, i agree they even threw YOUR COLOR and stuck ” Sparkling ” in there =/
    i would make 2 new songs with 2 new MVs to boost the album instead of ” UNIVERSE ” and ” Believe in LOVE ” =/
    i like the best album, but unlike BEST OF SOUL, i am skipping some tracks… although my best songs by BoA ever are there ” DO THE MOTION & EIEN ” but still SPARKLINGm UNIVERSE, BELIEVE IN LOVE and KEY OF HEART are just annoying me =/

  2. Apparently, it “can not rely on New Hits”. Honestly, I think the idea of ​​only 5-7 songs deserve agree on this disc

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