BoA – BEST&USA (Part 2)

bestalbumboa2cdBoA – BEST&USA

The concept of BEST&USA is clearly ¨Now&Then¨. While the one dressed in red is the Japanses BoA, the other one -in black- is the American BoA. Two completely different styles and charecters are represented by both.

And now Part 2: USA Debut Album BoA


BoA‘s English debut kicks off with I Did It For Love, the second single from the Album. The song features Sean Garrett, It was alson written and produced by him. I Did It For Love is a great opener for this album. BoA & Sean’s voices blend very well and the chorus is extremely catchy! Though I wish the track was a little bit longer…

Energetic is the last thing I expected to hear from BoA, I never thoght she’d do something like that! I thought she was limited to songs like Style, Lose Your Mind or Moto but this song is freaking HOT. The song is filled with aggressive dance beats and infectious lines. I love Garrett‘s part when he sings ¨ I’m feeling so energetic...¨ And I love how the song is built, I even had hard time deciding which part is the chorus, it’s ¨meet me in the club¨part isn’t it? :p Great song, this song has to be released as a single!

The third song, Did Ya, is probably my favorite song from the album. I love the arrangements of the song and BoA‘s voice is clealer and not as processed as in the other songs. The whole song is so much fun and the chorus is catchy as hell.

The forth song was supposedly not only the second single from the album but also the its title track, apparently they changed their mind. I loved the song when I heard the previews and I also loved the live version. The studio version is less attractive due to the use of vocoder in the verses, the song is still hot though. Look Who’s Talking is arguably a Spears reject, why would BoA sing about controversy anyway…?

The album continues very energetically with Eat You Up, the lead single of BoA‘s debut Album. The song was love at first hearing for me, it’s just ridiculously catchy and very appealing. I’m just wondering why they made 3 Music Videos for it…? :p

Obsessed is my new guilty pleasure! I can’t get this song out my mind! This is probably the darkest song on the album along with Scream. Definitely one of the stand out tracks on the whole album, it would be a crime and a shame if they don’t consider releasing this as a single 8D

The next track is more RnB influenced, Touched is actually very J-LO ish.. BoA doesn’t sound herself in this song especially during the chorus…? Anyway, the song is cool and I love ¨I wanna be toched¨part ❤

Scream is a cover of Monorse‘s song of the same name. The song was previously covered by AnyBand which BoA was one of the lead vocalists in it. I like BoA‘s version much more than Monorse’s one, I think she did a good job with it but I still prefer AnyBand‘s version.

The 9th track is no other than BoA‘s 2005 hit song Girls On Top released in Korea. I love the Korean version of the song so much that I was afraid to listen to the English one… I wasn’t really disappointed with it, it’s actually good but again, the original version is better.

Dress Off seems to be everyone’s least favorite. I wasn’t really fond with the song myself when I first heard it but it sure growed on me. I raelly think it’s very infectious… I enjoy the song very much now. Give it a chance guys, it’s a grower 😛

The Album ends with Hypnotic Dancefloor, the song is kind of simialr to Energetic, though the chorus is much more dramatic! It gave me chills the 1st time I heard it :p A great song to end the album with.


BoA’s self titled debut is a very solid album filled with hit songs, I swear they’re all single-worthy! The Album is so much fun, from track 1 to 11… I really am speechless, great effort BoA… All respect.

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3 Responses to BoA – BEST&USA (Part 2)

  1. aizmov says:

    100% agree
    it is what me and my friends think about the album as well
    i can say the songs i like you did but not for Did Ya, cuz i felt it is going alright but to nowhere lol…
    Tocuhed is so JLO-ish i agree and i really loooooooove it
    my faivorate tracks will be like:
    1) Energetic
    2) I Did It For Love
    3) Touched
    4) Obssesed
    5) EAT YOU UP

  2. jefry says:

    i agree this is a really hot dance album.
    it’s BoA’s blackout y’all!

    i was so happy when i received my copy a week ago.

  3. Anon says:

    So BoA is now a lesbian!

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