Dreams DO Come True!

Hi everyone! This is Karim (Karimu). I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything in the blog but there have been several -and radical- changes in my life. I left Palestine and headed to Algeria after 4 years being kept in Gaza but -thanks to god- everything is very good right now, I actually managed to leave before the brutal Israeli war on Gaza so that is something that I’m truly, truly thankful for!

Getting used to my new life wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be but there were some moments when things went really smoothly -unexpectedly!-. The hardest part was getting used to school especially since I was at a senior year in high school and the probably the most important test in my life was waiting for me at the end of it. Things like: spending 10 hours a day in school, dealing with a completely new and different program than I used to study, getting to know new people and building new relationships were the most challenging for me -at the academic level to say, at least!-

No one, I repeat, NO ONE though I would succeed in the BAC exam despite the fact that I was a hard worker and that I was officially the ‘No.1’ student in Palestine for 11 years straight! Not that they didn’t believe in me, but there were so many new and different things to me that a lot of people thought I couldn’t make it and of course because the percentage of success in this test is usually less than 30%. But not me, I knew what I was capable of! I kept pushing myself harder and harder until I achieved my first success, I ranked first in the first trimester of the year with a 12.05 average.. People (teahcers and my friends) were shocked… “What’s with the new guy?” they said. This was the first step and as proceeded more success came to me and I achieved the unachievable like being the first to hit an average of 14.5 in arabic and other different stuff that are kind of hard to explain.

So, I proudly announce that I succeeded in ly BAC exam -finally- and that I’m going to study Dental Surgery in college next year, out of 440,000 syudent that passed the test we were only 118,000 that succeeded!!. Just to tell you people, Dreams DO come true… that is, of course, if you beleieved in yourself and did your best!



6 Responses to Dreams DO Come True!

  1. aizmov says:

    great news, good to have you back here
    so we are back posting here no =P ?
    i gotta do so as well =)
    i really happy to read about your success
    dream DO come true, and i tried so =D

  2. Broken_Dust says:

    Hey Karim~!
    Just seem your add and couldn’t help but come to check here, lol.
    Nice hearing from you and knowing that you’re doing well. Congrats on the achievements =D !!

    Take care ^^

  3. philip says:

    hey there babe you able to talk later?

  4. philip says:

    gotta go honey chat later! promise

  5. philip says:

    are you going to talk to me tonight or not
    because if the answers no then tell me?

  6. philip says:

    yes dreams do come true i have recently got my self a new girlfriend!

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