if they knew … they wouldn’t

I’ve been under anti-depression and self-construction courses and medications for the whole past month. It is not that I want to be a better person only, but somehow people were the ones to drive me into this.

what really makes me uneasy, that a close people of mine were the cause of this, and when I started it, some others, who perticially know that am under anti-depression medications, never took the chance to ask ” Feras, is everything alright ? is something worng ? “. Or is it that am expecting too much from people ? and people have their own problems ? I don’t think so, becuase if it was me I’d defenitly ask and try to help. But people keep losing faith, maybe because my continues mistakes ? oh well, if they knew … they wouldn’t

if they knew how did I feel … they wouldn’t want this for their enemies

if they knew how much I’ve been through … they wouldn’t act like they did

if they knew how much I care … they wouldn’t step in this phase

if they only knew … they wouldn’t =)

enough durama, am going to Dubai soon for my first Globe ENIOS team meeting =D


2 Responses to if they knew … they wouldn’t

  1. I want everyone to be a good person, but do not leave

  2. 一夜の情 says:

    女の子は、あなたがどうなる日を楽しみにして? – 魅力的になります。 : http://www.bewaa.com/gss

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