we have so far finalized the ENIOS lunching OST with 5 original tracks =)

ENIOS Oiginal Soundtrack:

1) Mirrors
2) The Weapons
3) Thunderdome
4) Vague
5) Vague ~ Piano Version ~

and there is definitely more to come for the OST by Denny as the project goes along =)
these tracks are the ones will follow the lunch segment =)


4 Responses to ENIOS OST

  1. rooh says:

    what is ENIOS @@ ?

  2. Aizmov says:

    a passionate manga project by me: http://www.al-jawharah.com

  3. ellison80 says:

    hey cn u tell me what enios is please?

  4. parktur says:

    what is ENIOS @@ ?

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