December 4, 2010

we have so far finalized the ENIOS lunching OST with 5 original tracks =)

ENIOS Oiginal Soundtrack:

1) Mirrors
2) The Weapons
3) Thunderdome
4) Vague
5) Vague ~ Piano Version ~

and there is definitely more to come for the OST by Denny as the project goes along =)
these tracks are the ones will follow the lunch segment =)


The People Behind ENIOS

November 23, 2010

Here is the listing for the people behind Project ENIOS


Feras Al-Omireen

Lead Artist:
Tatiana Giadeevna

Abdullah Riyadh

Amanda Wawyn

Denny Schneidemesser

Ahmed Dawood
Mohammed Al-jamea
Humoud Al-Hammadi


Website Design:
Emma Hosu

Logo Design:
Abdullah Konash

ENIOS is around the corner =D

November 22, 2010

after 3 years of making and preparing for this project, it’s finally shaping and in its final phases.

a teaser picture of the heroine can be seen above. Enjoy !!

expect more news around December =)

~ ENIOS New Pages Preview ~

March 9, 2009

Hello everyone,
yesterday i scared some people with our CHIBI like PROMO picture but today’s update i will give you a better gift…
this update will be the last until we finish the trial manga by the end of April hopefully…
here are the sketches ((without dialog)) for the second and third pages of the manga…
enjoy and remember to leave comment, any feedback will be helpful =D
if you are smart enough get the dialog LOL XD
((all sketches made by Tatiana))
CLICK FOR BIGGER VERSION <<< why the caps moron XD


March 8, 2009

been a while haven’t update anything about ENIOS, well we are working hard..
i would like to announce that the BETA VERSION of the manga will be announced soon

i am hoping to get at least 50 users to try the manga and write me feedback so we can improve our production
i am thinking of giving up the whole VOL.1 if people made enough hype lol… other wise i will make it just up to half a volume…
until then here is the PROMO for the manga, yes it is CHIBI ((naruto-wanna-be)) style, although the manga won’t follow this style, but i had to make this promo incase it is needed for another projects… until more updates about our lovely project, take care everyone

((press on the picture for large veiw))

ENIOS ~ First Preview ~

February 18, 2009

well, guys you saw our ENIOS announcement few weeks back and we finally came up with FIRST PAGE preview to just decide what the style of the manga would be:

((ART DONE BY: Titiana Gevanneda))

comments and feedback are appreciated, if i see enough contribution i will add more about our work, other wise i will just get silence and release the manga one day =P

مين يحس اللوجو جايب العيد مكانه و طريقه وضعه لوووووول
who thinks the logo is out of the picture XD ?

i would like to add that from Thursday i will be in Kuwait, so i won’t be around for a while hehe…
see ya later everyone


January 10, 2009