if they knew … they wouldn’t

November 21, 2010

I’ve been under anti-depression and self-construction courses and medications for the whole past month. It is not that I want to be a better person only, but somehow people were the ones to drive me into this.

what really makes me uneasy, that a close people of mine were the cause of this, and when I started it, some others, who perticially know that am under anti-depression medications, never took the chance to ask ” Feras, is everything alright ? is something worng ? “. Or is it that am expecting too much from people ? and people have their own problems ? I don’t think so, becuase if it was me I’d defenitly ask and try to help. But people keep losing faith, maybe because my continues mistakes ? oh well, if they knew … they wouldn’t

if they knew how did I feel … they wouldn’t want this for their enemies

if they knew how much I’ve been through … they wouldn’t act like they did

if they knew how much I care … they wouldn’t step in this phase

if they only knew … they wouldn’t =)

enough durama, am going to Dubai soon for my first Globe ENIOS team meeting =D


Abdullah is going crazy, again XD ?

July 9, 2010

Abdullah has done it again, the picture explains itself, but it shocked me for a while when I saw it for the first time LOL … wonder what the play time will be when he finishes the game 😛 ?

One Single Tear is back <3 !!

July 9, 2010

yes, it’s been a while since my last entry !!

lotta things happened, and I’ve been taken by social network applications lol

now am going to resume blogging, but I’ll have to reconstruct this XD

and since am lazy, this would take sometime, but I promise OST will be back >.>;

so keep the faith everyone XD


~ what a weather ~

February 11, 2009

i woke up this morning and the weather was like weird,
i went out to check out what is going on, and my whole house was RED
i went out and i looked up and the whole weather was ON RED O_O;
i was like OMIGOOOOD O_O ?!!!!
see for yourself o.o;
this is not a modified picture it is real O_O



January 29, 2009


last week i witnessed my best week ever…
i believe so, yeah, it made my year
beside what i am going to announce today in the blog..
we got to see BoA’s bring it on with EIEN
i some of my projects went to completion
BoA’s announce ment of BEST & USA
and what i will post after this which is FINAL FANTASY XIII first game play video
this week just rawk

~ Winter Ballad Songs ~

December 17, 2008


Hello everyone,
you remember the old topic ” Ballad Songs ” ?!!
this is now the other version, i am looking for the best Winter Ballads..
and this time i am mainly looking for boys singers, R&B stuff, let’s see like EXILE’s – LOVERS AGAIN
write you recommendations and upload the songs when possible, and let’s see if we can collect a nice ” Winter Ballad ” album…
if enough posts was submitted like the other topic i will upload the songs with the name of people who recommended it and post it on the blog and 1ST sharing system, so let’s rock it

Winter Sonata ~ Winter is BACK ~

December 15, 2008

once i worte in my OneSingleTear:


as the cold breeze touches my face
I close my eyes and see your face
I have been hated, I was hesitating
until you came and gave me your hand
your voice has been held dearly inside my heart
like a winter song composed by the melodies of faith
you painted my life with colors of hope
from white to blue, the snow and the sky
that’s our
Winter Sonata

and hello everyone once again, and hello winter once again, i really love winter, almost always all my better days comes in winter, i can tell you tons of stories that sounds so miracle and they are all found to be in winter, i enjoy winter so much, do you ? happy lovely season for you all