WTH with that game ?

November 22, 2010

I’m playing Ys: and the oath of fal-something.

Man, this game is so damn hard, it is the first RPG I’ve ever played that doesn’t have items to regain your HP O.o ? the only mean to regain your HP ((so far)) is the save point.


working on video games

July 14, 2010

This picture shows my latest job on video game designing, we are still choosing a set design for our learning project as indie desingers, but we are kind of lost on what type of art design we shall take

  • first one is out-sourcing option, it looks cool but it will cost money, am cooperating with the maker of the picture, WMCD, using iSketch to learn how to make this and to cut the costs.
  • second picture is my own custom, it is the one I normally use in my PURE projects, working in such a custom don’t take time, but I never customized more than 3-frames walk and never done fighting styles.
  • Internet Resources is the free and easiest way.. but well it is not original work lol.

Abdullah is going crazy, again XD ?

July 9, 2010

Abdullah has done it again, the picture explains itself, but it shocked me for a while when I saw it for the first time LOL … wonder what the play time will be when he finishes the game 😛 ?

~ Final Fantasy XIII Gameplay Video ~

January 29, 2009

After a count down have been posted in 3 websites for SQUARE ENIX, the company has lunched a worldwide trailer showing the gameplay of the game after waiting 3 years to see it…

Direct Youtube:

Go to this link and press ” Watch in High Quality ” if you want better resolution:

i don’t know what to say, i have talked about the game, here before, but this is beyond what i have expected, the story looks solid and the battle system looks revolutionary… i leave you with the video =)

~ Final Fantasy XIII Battle System, REVOLUTION ~

December 21, 2008

so guys SQUARE ENIX just dropped a bomb the other day about the battle system in the V-Jump magazine, i will explain it, it is true REVOLUTION:

Starting Battle:
like Final Fantasy XII, you will see the enemy on the screen walking around the area, but when they saw you, your characters won’t get their weapons out, instead you can still walk, but when you hit one of them, you will get your weapons out, and control will be disabled…

Commencing The Fight:
as mentioned in the scan, you will be choosing the compact assault from the menu like old FFs
but, this time it is different, you will be selecting a string of actions like: Attack > Attack > items: Potion > Attack > Fire > Attack > Cure… then you will see the character doing them like a movie, yeah like Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, they promised us to do it and they did it, you will be selecting commands aimlessly and the character will be hitting the enemy as soon as the ATB is up with that sequence you choose…

there won’t be Magic on the menu but instead when you choose attack for the first time, new elements will show up on the screen like ” Fire, Cure… etc” when you choose them another new elements will show up, which is like ” choose things new will be up then choose the new things and so on ” creative =D

here is the scans (click to enlarge them)

BoA NEW SINGLE “Eien ” + Final Fantasy 13 Battle System

December 17, 2008

i couldn’t hold up for my excitement about that lol
first of all BoA is going to release a 3 songs single called ” Eien ” due to be released on the upcoming February, seems another Japanese ballad so YAHOOOOOOO =D

and after 3 years of waiting here is the first battle system screen for Final Fantasy XIII, it is classical yet attractive… according to this scan it is from the demo that will be released in March, yeah, another tip that red hair girl is called ” Vanilla ” lol


Final Fantasy Versus XIII Somnus Nemoris (Piano Version)

December 14, 2008

the guy who did this one is brilliant, so damn brilliant
he reminds of veronica’s talent lol !!!