WTH with that game ?

November 22, 2010

I’m playing Ys: and the oath of fal-something.

Man, this game is so damn hard, it is the first RPG I’ve ever played that doesn’t have items to regain your HP O.o ? the only mean to regain your HP ((so far)) is the save point.



March 30, 2008

bought it today… my first impression ” OMGOOOOD THIS GAME ROX ”
dunno i have some exams i won’t SIT and PLAY it for REAL until next Wednesday
so far the game deserves 8.5 over all, well 1 hour not enough but it is NICE to have SEPHIROTH back =D
if anyone has any queation about the game throw in here

~ Final Fantasy 7 CC, COMING SONG ~

March 20, 2008
i will FULL review this game as i got through 10 hours play time
watch this game’s trailer i will be posting its review soon

PSP: Final Fantasy Tactics ~ The Lion’s War ~

January 4, 2008

yeah i am very slow in writing games reviews, that because i don’t have enough time to play, it took me 2 months actually to finish this one and make this review about it… but i think i am now a lil more free to play more games, gonna post another game review after this one…

Final Fantasy Tactics ~ The War of The Lions ~

this is a semi-remake for the PS1 hit Final Fantasy Tactics for the PSP this time, Square Enix’s main job these days to fill us with ports and remakes for their old games it seems, but truly Final Fantasy Tactics was one of the best ports they ever made, because it is actually the second game in the list of ” THEY MUST RELEASE IT AGAIN ” will #1 would be FFVIII but we are speaking with who ?!!!

Game Title: Final Fantasy Tactis ~ The Lion’s War ~
Gener: RPG/Tactics
Number of Players: 1-2
Play Time: 50+ Hours

at the old days in Ivalice world the great war of the 100 years put on an end, but the power of nobility never ended, a world where the nobles should rule and anyone else would be slaved, here where our hero ” Ramza ” raise of from his own noble name and try to show the world that noble people shall not be better than anyone else… but he faces so difficulties with this situation, and had to face the power of The Zodiac Braves which is a stone called ” Auracite ” that can turn anyone using it into a monster in term of giving up his/her soul… people of the Church believed that they can use the Zodiac Stones to free the people from slavery not knowing the dangerous behind it… so what is going to happen ? this for you to find out from the game…

Game Play:
typical Tactics game, you will choose 5 out of set of your soldiers and play with them what is different in Final Fantasy Tactis is the variety on choosing the jobs, there are the Sequire with their normal yet useful abilities, Thief with their ability to steal things, mages with their abilities of hitting enemies, curing ally or even playing with time… Ninja with their 2 katana and throw attacks and you got the brand NEW Dark Night which is the best job i ever saw in a Tactics game, the Dark Night can hit you and drink your blood which means you will hit and gain HP !!!
sometimes you get bored from the battles, specially when you try to reach some point at the world map then you encouter unwanted monster, but the Auto-Play system can save you from getting all the time pressing on the orders

well, their is not alot of things to do, you will move in a wold map from city to city buying weapons and stuff and encouter monsters outside the cities, no much to do but there is the mini quests section where you can assign some members into a quest for a period of time and come pick them up again for some moeny and new treasures…

well, there is not alot of remade pieces, but still the music pieces were AMAZING

this game is a MUST GET for all PSP owners, i don’t see a reason why delaying buying it… the story is STRONG and the gameplay is entertaining… GET IT NOW

Battle System: 9.5/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Creativty: 10/10
Story: 9.5/10
Music: 9/10
Art Work: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Challange: 8/10