December 4, 2010

we have so far finalized the ENIOS lunching OST with 5 original tracks =)

ENIOS Oiginal Soundtrack:

1) Mirrors
2) The Weapons
3) Thunderdome
4) Vague
5) Vague ~ Piano Version ~

and there is definitely more to come for the OST by Denny as the project goes along =)
these tracks are the ones will follow the lunch segment =)

Mai Kuraki ~ Boyfriend ~

November 23, 2010

this song is simply amazing … try it =)

The People Behind ENIOS

November 23, 2010

Here is the listing for the people behind Project ENIOS


Feras Al-Omireen

Lead Artist:
Tatiana Giadeevna

Abdullah Riyadh

Amanda Wawyn

Denny Schneidemesser

Ahmed Dawood
Mohammed Al-jamea
Humoud Al-Hammadi


Website Design:
Emma Hosu

Logo Design:
Abdullah Konash

WTH with that game ?

November 22, 2010

I’m playing Ys: and the oath of fal-something.

Man, this game is so damn hard, it is the first RPG I’ve ever played that doesn’t have items to regain your HP O.o ? the only mean to regain your HP ((so far)) is the save point.

ENIOS is around the corner =D

November 22, 2010

after 3 years of making and preparing for this project, it’s finally shaping and in its final phases.

a teaser picture of the heroine can be seen above. Enjoy !!

expect more news around December =)

if they knew … they wouldn’t

November 21, 2010

I’ve been under anti-depression and self-construction courses and medications for the whole past month. It is not that I want to be a better person only, but somehow people were the ones to drive me into this.

what really makes me uneasy, that a close people of mine were the cause of this, and when I started it, some others, who perticially know that am under anti-depression medications, never took the chance to ask ” Feras, is everything alright ? is something worng ? “. Or is it that am expecting too much from people ? and people have their own problems ? I don’t think so, becuase if it was me I’d defenitly ask and try to help. But people keep losing faith, maybe because my continues mistakes ? oh well, if they knew … they wouldn’t

if they knew how did I feel … they wouldn’t want this for their enemies

if they knew how much I’ve been through … they wouldn’t act like they did

if they knew how much I care … they wouldn’t step in this phase

if they only knew … they wouldn’t =)

enough durama, am going to Dubai soon for my first Globe ENIOS team meeting =D

working on video games

July 14, 2010

This picture shows my latest job on video game designing, we are still choosing a set design for our learning project as indie desingers, but we are kind of lost on what type of art design we shall take

  • first one is out-sourcing option, it looks cool but it will cost money, am cooperating with the maker of the picture, WMCD, using iSketch to learn how to make this and to cut the costs.
  • second picture is my own custom, it is the one I normally use in my PURE projects, working in such a custom don’t take time, but I never customized more than 3-frames walk and never done fighting styles.
  • Internet Resources is the free and easiest way.. but well it is not original work lol.


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