#ENFAF DAY9: Laughing In Agony

June 9, 2015

Wow been forever since I wrote in this blog
but I return with something interesting, my friend Omar had started a very interesting art move called ENFAF (Every Night For A Fortnight) where he chooses 3 key words from a randomly selected suggested words by other people and artsts/writers can contribute with whatever they see fit.
I wanted to join since it started but for a personal reason I couldn’t but I’m finally out of my cocoon =D

Here is a very short piece written in under 2 hours for Day 9 with key words Laugh, Agony and Ash

Laughing in Agony

STAGE 01: A hallway, A long hallway, with numbered rooms, 102, 103, 104.. and finally 105. A man stands there, hesitated to enter that room. There is laughter everywhere. People are screaming. Others are smashing things. It is like a lunatic’s circus around this place. But this room has something different about it, it is calm, and the person inside is repeating something over and over and over again.

STAGE 02: The male figure gets closer to the door and he starts to hear clearly what’s being said.

“A tisket a tasket”
“A green and yellow basket”
“I wrote a letter to my love”
“And on the way I dropped it”
“I dropped it, I dropped it”
“And on the way I dropped it”
“A little boy he picked it up and put it in his pocket”

The 20-something guy stood there, kept hearing this rhyme over and over again, very hesitant to enter the room, he seems like he knows who is in there, but he was unable to face it, seeing someone you know turning into a different person, knowing about the pain they are facing.

STAGE 03: A nurse disturbs his moments of biding.

“You know this patient?” she asked,
“Y-Yes.” The guy answered with hesitation,
“Since the very moment he got here, he refused to talk with anyone, the only things he kept saying are these verses, doctors failed to know what or why he keeps repeating them.” She tried to explain.
“…” the guy kept his silence.
“We don’t know his name so we call him Ash, you will know why when you see him, please, go ahead, he is harmless.” She continued.
“…” the guy kept even calmer.

STAGE 04: The guy opens the door and enter the room to see a guy in grey, he is completely grey, as if the colors of life has been sucked of him, he is just sitting there on his bed repeating the same verses looking down at his feet, the guy approached, and without even rising his face, the grey guy stopped talking suddenly

“You found me!” the grey guy said.

The nurse was totally shocked.

“He said something else!”
“I will go call the doctors!”

STAGE 05: The guy approached, kneel and looked him in the eye.

“What happened to you buddy?” The guy asked.
“I kept laughing. All I did was laughing and they got me here.” Ash answered.
“Why were you laughing?” The guy asked in curiosity.
“I was trying to hide the pain.” Ash answered.
“That’s funny though, you , out of all people, are the one who found me first.” Ash continued.
“I’ll always be here for you buddy.” The guy answered.
“It’s too late, look at me, I’m even being called Ash for what I am now.” Ash stated with a smile.
“What happened to you buddy, why did you turn into that? Let us help you.” the guy asked.
“This is a secret; maybe I will tell the one who will find me next.” Ash answered.
“But, because you found me, have this.” Ash continued giving the guy a piece of paper.

Not shortly after that Ash started to sing the rhymes again.

“A tisket a tasket”
“A green and yellow basket”
“I wrote a letter to my love”
“And on the way I dropped it”
“I dropped it, I dropped it”
“And on the way I dropped it”
“A little boy he picked it up and put it in his pocket”

STAGE 06: The guy took the paper and opened it, he read what’s inside and his eyes showed strong emotion, it was shock and empathy that can be seen through his eyes. And not for long, a doctor and the nurse came in.

“He is repeating the same song.” The doctor said in confusion.
“I swear he said something else just when we entered few minutes ago.” The nurse said.
“Do you know this patient?” The doctor asked the guy.
“No, I thought he was someone else” the guy answered.
“Then we better keep searching for someone who know him again.” The doctor confirmed.

As the door closes, The guy saw Ash smiles widely. It is clearly because he knew that this he got his message. Until one day, maybe, someone else can reveal the secret behind the guy who laughed in agony.



December 4, 2010

we have so far finalized the ENIOS lunching OST with 5 original tracks =)

ENIOS Oiginal Soundtrack:

1) Mirrors
2) The Weapons
3) Thunderdome
4) Vague
5) Vague ~ Piano Version ~

and there is definitely more to come for the OST by Denny as the project goes along =)
these tracks are the ones will follow the lunch segment =)

Mai Kuraki ~ Boyfriend ~

November 23, 2010

this song is simply amazing … try it =)

The People Behind ENIOS

November 23, 2010

Here is the listing for the people behind Project ENIOS


Feras Al-Omireen

Lead Artist:
Tatiana Giadeevna

Abdullah Riyadh

Amanda Wawyn

Denny Schneidemesser

Ahmed Dawood
Mohammed Al-jamea
Humoud Al-Hammadi


Website Design:
Emma Hosu

Logo Design:
Abdullah Konash

WTH with that game ?

November 22, 2010

I’m playing Ys: and the oath of fal-something.

Man, this game is so damn hard, it is the first RPG I’ve ever played that doesn’t have items to regain your HP O.o ? the only mean to regain your HP ((so far)) is the save point.

ENIOS is around the corner =D

November 22, 2010

after 3 years of making and preparing for this project, it’s finally shaping and in its final phases.

a teaser picture of the heroine can be seen above. Enjoy !!

expect more news around December =)

if they knew … they wouldn’t

November 21, 2010

I’ve been under anti-depression and self-construction courses and medications for the whole past month. It is not that I want to be a better person only, but somehow people were the ones to drive me into this.

what really makes me uneasy, that a close people of mine were the cause of this, and when I started it, some others, who perticially know that am under anti-depression medications, never took the chance to ask ” Feras, is everything alright ? is something worng ? “. Or is it that am expecting too much from people ? and people have their own problems ? I don’t think so, becuase if it was me I’d defenitly ask and try to help. But people keep losing faith, maybe because my continues mistakes ? oh well, if they knew … they wouldn’t

if they knew how did I feel … they wouldn’t want this for their enemies

if they knew how much I’ve been through … they wouldn’t act like they did

if they knew how much I care … they wouldn’t step in this phase

if they only knew … they wouldn’t =)

enough durama, am going to Dubai soon for my first Globe ENIOS team meeting =D